Newsletter update – September 2016

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Garbole substation site visit 9 September 2016                                                                                              The site visit organised by the case officer in connection with the Garbole substation planning application was described by the majority of attendees as “shambolic.”

The nearest point visited was 1.6km away from the site and on more than one occasion a local resident had to correct the information given regarding the location of the substation in Garbole wood. The visit failed to give Councillors any insight into the issues associated with development at site 5 and a number of Councillors also complained about a lack of information in their papers for the planning application.

Councillors re-convened in the Council chamber in the afternoon for the Pre-determination Hearing followed by determination of the planning application. However, two of our local councillors, Cllrs. Crawford and Gowans put forward a motion for deferral until a proper site visit had taken place. Councillors agreed to hear the planning officer’s report before deciding if they had sufficient information to make an informed decision. The vote was in favour of deferral and another site visit will take place to the actual site, probably late October/early November. In addition, proper visuals have been requested to show how the substation, powerlines, pylons and buzz bar connections will look if constructed.

The Campaign continues to oppose site 5 with its wealth of wildlife which will be wiped out if the substation is constructed here. The alternative site 6 in a hollow on the moorland at the southern end of the Farr wind farm is environmentally much less sensitive and although we would prefer not to have any more of this type of infrastructure despoiling the landscape, if it is deemed to be essential it should be located at site 6.

The site visit saw a good turn-out of objectors from the village, Glen and further afield and councillors commented that their input was very helpful. Our Campaign banner read:


Garbole has a rich natural heritage and is steeped in history.

For centuries it has been a very special place in “The Glen.”

Please play your part to ensure it remains so for future generations.

Vote “REFUSE” to substation development at site 5.

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